Rynek Underground Main Square Museum

On May 18, 2016

Rynek_Underground_Market_Square_Museum_KrakowRynek Underground is a unique exhibition where you can learn fascinating things about Krakow. The museum presents the history of the Market Square and the entire city, starting from medieval times. While visiting the museum, you can not only learn interesting facts from the history of the stronghold, but also touch nearly thousand-year-old remains of the city. The exhibition is about 4 meters below the level of the modern market, where there are authentic walls, roads and objects discovered during archaeological work. It’s a great idea to start your weekend in Krakow here!

Activities for children

Weekend walk through the underground Krakow has been designed in a modern and original way. The exhibition is a fully multi-medial spectacle. You can explore the ancient history of the city through films, touch screens and holographic models. If you are spending the weekend in Krakow with children, Rynek Underground is designed specially for them. Learning through play at it’s finest!

History of the Museum

Underground Market Square was discovered by accident during the renovation work, which started in 2005. Originally planned for the 6 months, it ended up with creating a nearly 4 square kilometers unique archaeological park dedicated to visitors, by the end of 2010. Following the traces of European identity of Krakow one can admire, among other things:

  • authentic walls of so-called Rich Stalls (Kramy Bogate), where luxury goods were once traded,
  • the remains of the Great City Scales (Wielkie Wagi Miejskie), which were instruments associated with the measurements for the purpose of commerce,
  • grave yard, which probably arose even before the foundation of Cracow in the thirteenth century,
  • original cobblestone pavements of the medieval Cloth Hall (Sukiennice),
  • relics of the early burned settlement,
  • reconstructions of stalls and workshops.

Opening hours

Map of the museum (source: Krakow City Museum)

Map of the museum (source: Krakow City Museum)

The museum is open to visitors every day, including weekends. With the exception of the first Tuesday of each month, when the exhibition is closed completely. On Tuesday, visiting the museum is free, but it closes at 16.  Museum of the Market is open daily from 10 to 20. During the summer season (November to March), on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays – exhibition is open longer, until 22. Entrance to the exhibition and reception tickets are on the side of St. Mary’s Church. For more information on the opening hours of the Underground Market Museum can be found on the official website (in english): www.podziemiarynku.com.

Tickets booking

It is good to plan the visit in advance. To get to the museum at the Krakow Market Square, it is not necessary to book tickets. It will however, allow you to avoid waiting in a long queue, since the exhibition enjoys great popularity. Tickets can be booked online, for a specific time. If you already have the reservation, at the given time, you can go directly to the museum – without waiting in the line. The Museum under the Market Square in Krakow offers guided tours as well as audio guides in different languages. Krakow Underground Market Square tickets (in english): www.bilety.podziemiarynku.com

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