Wawel Royal Cathedral

On May 8, 2016

Wawel CathedralGothic basilica which we can see today, was founded in the fourteenth century, at the same location as the previous two cathedrals, which were destroyed. For centuries, the main body was being rebuilt and modified, so that the contemporary shape of the building and its equipment, reveals styles of different eras. Inside you can admire the beautifully carved tombs and ornate chapels.

Admission to the cathedral itself is free, payed exhibitions worth seeing were divided into the following:

  • Royal Tombs – in the crypts under the church are the tombs of distinguished Polish kings, national poets as well as Lech and Maria Kaczynski
  • Sigismund (Zygmunt) Bell – in Sigmund (Zygmuntowska) Tower hangs a huge bronze bell, which is operated by 8 people and weighs over 12 tons, the tower offers a beautiful view of the Old Town
  • Cathedral Museum them. John Paul II – here we can see valuable objects associated with religious worship, from the Cathedral Treasury

Visiting Royal Wawel Cathedral

A large part of Wawel Hill, the courtyard of the castle and the main level of the Wawel Cathedral can be visited free of charge. For other attractions you should buy a ticket. The cash desk for the Royal Castle is independent of the cash desk for the Cathedral.

Opening hours are different for each object and at different times of the year, and depending on the conservation work – please check the website before visiting.

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