Kosciuszko Mound

On May 18, 2016

Kosciuszko MoundAre you looking for an idea for marvelous walk and spending some time in nature? Kosciuszko Mound is an excellent goal to go beyond the city, but still be able to feel the magic of Krakow. As a reward for climbing the Sikornik hill, where the mound is erected, we can admire the beautiful panorama of the city, the Beskidy Mountains, and even the Tatra Mountains.

Mound was erected in 1823 to commemorate General Tadeusz Kosciuszko. His body was buried at Wawel, and the ground of the fields where his army fought battles, was symbolically mixed with the material from which the monument was built in honor of the leader. In the mid-nineteenth century, the mound was surrounded by a fort, the remains of which serve today as a museum room, the seat of the RMF FM radio and a restaurant. In 1997, as a result of massive downpours, the building was seriously damaged and was reopened to visitors only after 5 years of renovation.

From the top of the Mound you can admire the most spectacular view. At it’s feet, there  is a restaurant with panoramic terrace, and a museum, where we can visit the following exhibitions:

  • “Poles Way To Freedom” Wax Museum
  • Mounds of Krakow” exhibition
  • Fortress and the City of Krakow 1846-1918″ exhibition
  • Kosciuszko Museum

Kosciuszko Mound is located on the south-east of the old town close to Błonia, overlooked by its silhouette, spectacularly lit at night. The monument itself is 34m, while the hill St. Bronisław (also called Sikornik) is situated at an altitude of 333 m above the sea level.

  • access on foot: pleasant walk by the shady Washington Avenue, starting from the monastery of the Norbertine Sisters on Salwator
  • access by bus: lines number 100 from Salwator and 101 from Grunwaldzkie roundabout
  • accessible by car: the street Malczewskiego and Wodociągowa, starting at the Zwierzyniecki bridge

On 4 II, 24 III, 15 X access to the Mound is free. On other days, the entrance is paid (the price is 10-12zł), and the ticket also includes admission to the museum. Krakow panorama can also be admired from the observation deck restaurant “Pod Kopcem”.

Everyday, the mound is open from 09:00 till dusk. While from May to September, you can visit the mound up until 23:00 – and enjoy a breathtaking sunset!

Official website provides exact opening hours, description of the individual exhibitions and a detailed history of its construction, also in English: www.kopieckosciuszki.pl

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