Dragon of the Wawel Hill

On May 8, 2016

Wawel DragonMonumental hill which dominates the city landscape, accommodates the symbolic Royal Castle and the Cathedral. It is also a home to the ferocious beast known as the Dragon of Wawel Hill. The creature can be seen, breathing fire on the tourists, next to the Wisła embankment. However, visiting it’s den, requires purchasing a ticket.

Visiting the Dragon’s den

The dragon lived in the Dragon’s Cave at the foot of Wawel Hill. The den consists of three chambers, the largest of which is up to 10 meters high. Apparently once it housed a tavern here, and even a brothel, but now lives here only the beast. Dragon’s quarters can be accessed from the Wawel Hill, and the tour ends outside of the castle walls, next to the Wisła river. To commemorate the beast, each year a Dragons Parade (Parada Smoków) is held on Wisła river.

Useful links

Visiting the cave official site, tickets, opening hours [in english]

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